The MonParis! Spirit !

We created MonParis! to recreate the spirit of a beautiful, independent, high-end brasserie which has all but disappeared from Paris. In an era where almost all successful Parisian businesses are owned by big corporations, we wanted to breathe new life into the classic Parisian brasserie. By sharing our appreciation and love for this passionate line of work with our staff, we hope to create a friendly place with a unique culinary identity for our customers. There is truly no other brasserie like Mon Paris! today. Valentin Roulière
  • Éric Duquenne way

    After 15 years at the Elysée catering to presidents and the like, Eric Duquenne has joined Mon Paris! to continue to promote the distinguished values of French gourmet dining. Eric and his staff put their heart into their work and are passionate about fresh, home-made cuisine. Chef Eric Duquenne inspires the entire Mon Paris! team and the restaurant’s main objective: customer satisfaction above all else.

  • Selecting products

    In order to satisfy the exacting standards of an increasingly demanding and knowledgeable clientele, we develop genuine partnerships with suppliers and farmers who in turn provide us with high-quality products.

  • A friendly yet refined atmosphere

    Whether it’s for breakfast or dinner after a show, Mon Paris! is the perfect place for delicious food, any time of day.
    The restaurant’s different atmospheres offer a variety of very comfortable, refined and welcoming spaces.